Network Development for Airlines

How do we improve our network profitability? How can we be sure which routes are working and which ones aren’t? How can we make existing routes work better?

What opportunities do we have to improve the utilisation of our fleet and reduce our unit costs?

What network expansion opportunities do we have? How many passengers, and how much revenue, can we expect from new routes? How do we negotiate the best possible support deal from the airports we’re thinking about serving?

Is our fleet the right one for our network? How can we structure our fleet more effectively, both in the short term and the long term?

At e2consult, we’ve spent years answering exactly these questions. That means we know how to answer them for you, accurately, insightfully and quickly.

We can evaluate the profitability of your existing route network: what routes work, what routes don’t, and what routes can be improved?

We can find ways to optimise your existing network, taking account of your customers’ preferences, your competitors, and your crewing and maintenance constraints.

We can identify new opportunities for you: finding potential routes/bases, forecasting the traffic, revenue and profitability of this new activity, and if necessary supporting you all the way through to negotiating support funding from airports and other stakeholders.

For startup carriers we can prepare or validate market forecasts and business plans, as well as advising on fleet and commercial strategy.

Here are just a few examples of what we’ve done recently:

1. Redesigned an airline’s overall schedule to increase average fleet utilisation by >30%

2. Found a way to use the “holes” in an existing schedule to launch profitable charter programme

3. Traded frequency against aircraft size to balance supply and demand, delivering improved profitability

4. Identified candidates for seasonal and off-peak services, negotiated win-win support deals with airports, and launched the routes

Airline Brand and Market Development

Where do we fit in to a competitive marketplace?

An airline’s network is only part of its customer offer. We’ll help you develop a coherent and compelling brand vision and positioning, based on your company’s strengths and unique “DNA”, to enable you to establish an attractive and defensible market position.

What benefits do we offer our customers? How can we do better?

If there are gaps in your service offering we’ll help you fill them. We have considerable experience in product and service design in the aviation sector.


A few examples of what we’ve done recently:

1. Defined and specified new premium economy class to deliver increased revenue and enhance competitive position

2. Defined and structured new loyalty scheme targeted at frequent users of a particular highly-competitive route

3. Identified and defined opportunities for airport/ground product enhancement (and revenue improvement)

4. Unearthed market-specific ancillary revenue opportunities for online channels which both deliver extra revenue and enhance the airline brand

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