Network Development for Airports

Airports face huge challenges, whether they’re major hubs or up-and-coming secondary airports. Airports’ success is driven by airline service, but many airlines are reluctant to launch new routes, and the price of dealing with others is high. Airport managers need to understand not only their current position but also how best to work with airlines to achieve success for both sides. We can help, first of all to answer the essential questions:

How is our airport performing, compared not only to our nearby competitors but to ‘comparable’ airports elsewhere?

What opportunities do we have to improve our network? What destinations are missing, and what carriers would be most interested in serving them?

How do we approach these airlines in a convincing and effective way? What data do the airlines want to see? How can we structure a support offer that will cost-effectively deliver the airlines we want?

e2consult will provide you with all these answers, thanks to our experience on both sides of the airline/airport negotiating table.

We know what an airline is typically looking for, and we know the constraints faced by the airport (especially a publicly-funded one).

Some examples of our work across many successful past projects:

1. Benchmarking against comparable airports to identify network gaps and route potential

2. Effective traffic forecasting, in a language airlines understand!

3. Full-scale telephone survey of 200 regional companies to (successfully!) demonstrate and quantify business demand for new long-haul route

4. Identifying the key airline candidates for new services, and preparation of cost-effective and targeted support offers in line with regulatory constraints.

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