Case studies

The following examples are drawn from a wide range of engagements. We will be happy to provide more details.

Winning new long-haul scheduled service for an underserved region

We designed and conducted an in-depth telephone survey of regional businesses. From this we produced a detailed, bottom-up, estimate of business-travel demand for the new service, and presented the results to the airline on behalf of the client. Result: the airline was convinced to launch the route, the new service was launched successfully, and it’s going strong

A new base to support a regional carrier’s expansion

We identified new potential bases and built a successful business case for the new base start-up. This included detailed forecasting of the traffic and revenue potential for the first-phase and subsequent routes, and schedule optimisation to fit the new routes as cost-effectively as possible into the existing fleet. We also negotiated a major support funding package from local stakeholders for the new base. Result: the new base launched successfully and within six months was performing better than the airline’s long-standing home base.

Delivering a step change in efficiency at a franchise airline

I redesigned a regional airline’s schedule to deliver 25% better overall aircraft utilisation while still keeping commercially attractive timing for key flights in competitive markets, as well as maintaining buffers to ensure punctuality was not affected. Result: the airline was able to maintain the same network using two fewer aircraft, with corresponding cost savings.

Boosting productivity for a business-focused carrier

An airline whose network was focused on weekday business routes needed to deliver a better return on its assets. Part of the solution was to develop a secondary network for the underused fleet, flying scheduled leisure and charter routes at weekends and off-peak. Our task was to identify potential routes, incorporate them into the schedule, negotiate support deals with the airports involved, and coordinate the commercial launch of the new services. These leisure services are now among the star perfomers in the airline’s network.

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