Marketing Strategy for Manufacturers and Lessors

The airliner market is no longer as predictable as it once was.

New technologies, and new market entrants, are changing the fleet solutions on offer to airlines.

Jet or turboprop? Proven technology or new potential game-changer?

New entrants in both turboprop and jet categories are competing aggressively for orders, while the arrival of new-technology aircraft has increased the pressure on owners of older-generation equipment to find profitable homes for their assets.

How do we market our aircraft effectively to particular airlines, or for particular missions?

How can we demonstrate to airlines and other market players that we’re committed to the European market?

What do we need to do to offer a credible solution for operations in a specific airport?

In what secondary or niche markets could our aircraft be particularly competitive?

The stakes are high for any airline facing a fleet choice, and every manufacturer wants to present its product as convincingly and as effectively as possible. At e2consult, we’ve seen our share of manufacturer presentations, and we know the weak points which have to be fixed for success.

Some of our recent activity:

1. Detailed comparative evaluation of aircraft types for airline reflecting, identification both of limiting sectors and of new opportunities

2. Evaluation of potential market for specific aircraft types in particular countries and regions

3. Advising aircraft manufacturer’s design team on airline requirements for proposed new aircraft type

4. Providing introductions for manufacturers’ engineering teams to airport management at key airports

Route analysis based on aircraft performance and payload constraints at London City Airport (LCY)

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