Media and Corporate Affairs

You may be in the market for a knowledgeable and insightful article on an aspect of European commercial aviation.

You may be looking for some cogent and stylish copy for your aviation business’s website or corporate brochure.

Or you may simply need an industry expert who can professionally deliver a high-quality explanation of a current aviation-related issue in a 30-second piece to camera or radio interview.

Patrick Edmond has extensive writing experience as well as radio and national-TV appearances on aviation-related topics, in English, French, and Irish.

1. Numerous published articles

2. Prepared and wrote winning entries for two successive Airline of the Year awards

3. Recent radio and TV work in English, French and Irish

4. Regular appearances on company-internal television channel

Public-affairs activity, individually and with industry associations (e.g. meetings with MEPs to discuss upcoming legislative proposals)

Patrick Edmond tweets occasionally in a personal capacity. For topical airline and airport insight, why not follow us on Twitter at PEdmondAero ?