The airline industry is driven forward by the innovation of its suppliers.

Software developers are devising better reservations, revenue management, and ancillary revenue platforms, incorporating lessons from retail and CRM to enable airlines to improve their profitability.

Hardware manufacturers are creating new on-board and satellite communications systems to allow flight crew, and passengers, to remain in contact during a flight, as well as improving engineers’ ability to remotely monitor the aircraft’s systems and engines.

Systems houses are finding new and more efficient ways to link CAD tools together to shorten design flows and reduce time-to-market for complex aircraft programmes.

Something they all have in common is a need to understand the end customers: the airline industry. The best ancillary-revenue idea will struggle if it cannot be marketed effectively to the right decision makers in the right airlines. To sell a potentially game-changing connectivity solution to a carrier, the airline must understand the business benefits in its own language, and feel comfortable that the new solution will fit into its own systems and business model.

Patrick Edmond complements his years of airline-industry experience with a prior background in high-tech product marketing and strategy, making him uniquely qualified to interpret between the two different worlds of technology suppliers and airlines.

We have thus been able to successfully advise a range of suppliers on their product roadmaps, market positioning, go-to-market strategy, and even potential beta customers. We’ve provided introductions, proposed business models, and helped to bring industry suppliers and airlines together for the benefit of both sides.

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