Transaction advisory and Due Diligence

Market Analysis, Business Planning and Due Diligence

Although many financial institutions and investors know the aviation business well, they may lack knowledge of a specific airline, or need insight “from the inside” of how airlines look at their own business.

Should we invest in this airline on the basis of its business plan? How can we critically assess the airline’s business plan, or even construct our own?

What’s the creditworthiness and long-term outlook of Airline X?

We want to sell our stake in Airline Y – how can we best present the opportunity to potential industry buyers?

How can we evaluate the unknowns in the asset portfolio we’ve been offered?

We are evaluating an investment in Airport X. What kind of airlines, and what levels of traffic, could the airport expect to attract?

We need to monitor aviation-related political and business developments, and opportunities, in Country Z on an ongoing and cost-effective basis.

Complementing your in-house credit and risk professionals and appraisal professionals, we bring a knowledgeable and objective industry view, whether buyer- or seller-side due diligence or more general advisory.

A few of our recent projects:

1. Buyer-side due diligence for successful airline M&A project (and subsequent successful regulatory approval)

2. Advisor to preferred bidder for European regional airport

3. Credit/risk analyses for many fleet transactions in European, CIS and Middle East carriers

4. Ongoing industry scanning/monitoring and strategic analysis for European regional carrier

5. Preparation of detailed strategic plan for fast-growing long-haul carrier to support securitisation of a large subset of the carrier’s fleet

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